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Mourninglight custom printed glass memorial candle

I found your site quite by accident as I was looking for something significant and unusual to memorialize my girl. How lovely it is! I was quite overcome with emotion upon seeing it for the first time. I will TREASURE it ALWAYS!!! Thank you sooo...... much for providing such a quality product. Rarely have I come across something so meaningful!
Joni R.
Brandon, Fl.

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I received it Saturday, and it was ABSOLUTELY beautiful! I heard about this wonderful idea on the Lightning Strike Pet Loss Message Boards. I have it now sitting beside her urn.
Sheri W.
Fort Worth, Tx.

A friend passed along the Mourninglights link to me a while back and I saved it. I am glad I did. It took me a while to complete the order form, not because it was difficult, because emotionally I had a hard time with it. It did bring another small piece of closure or acceptance of her passing. When I got my order from you, I couldn't have been happier with the results.
Elisabeth S.
Troy, Mi.

I love it. It is a beautiful memorial to my boy. The likeness of Jake is right on. I would have known it was him even if his name wasn't on it and I would have known in a second exactly what picture of him it came from.
Lynn M.
Norristown, Pa.

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I gave her the light yesterday and she was in tears (of joy that is). She loved it and could not wait to put it on her mantel and light it.
Elena S.
Troutman, N.C.

It was a melancholy feeling and it was very healing. Thank you for the beautiful tribute to my beautiful precious friend.
Cindy G.
Mesa, Az.

I was looking for something to help my grief, and since I started lighting a candle for her every night, the mourninglight was absolutely perfect. Since the day I received it in the mail it has been keeping her memory burning bright. You wouldn't think something as basic as a candleholder would help, but it truly comforts me. Thank you!
Sani B.
Grand Prairie, AB. Canada

Thank you so much for the mourninglight, it is beautiful. When I received the package in the mail and opened it, both my Mom and I had tears in our eyes.
Ronald S.
Eatontown, N.J.

I think mourninglights is a great idea to show your love for your loved ones. It's a thoughtful gift for a friend to keep forever. This is my third candle from your company.
Karen P.
Renton, Wa.

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The kindness and understanding shown by your staff was overwhelming. To say that the beauty of the candle and the TLC you obviously put into creating it amazes me would simply not do justice to your product or your staff. I just simply cannot thank you enough.
Kathy G.
Cookeville, Tn.

I see her little spirit shining through whenever I have it lit. Your customer service was extraordinary and I want to thank you for a wonderful product.
Joanne A.
Roseville, Mn.

Thank you so much for having such a beautiful product that is so easy to order, and so special to it's recipients!
Holly W.
Virginia Beach, Va.