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Mourninglight custom printed glass memorial candle

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Mourninglight custom printed glass memorial candle

Giving a gift card

Would you like to give a Mourninglight™ to someone suffering from a loss but don't have a photo? Our gift card allows a friend to create their own.

Simply use the form below to choose the options and the message of condolence you'd like to include. In 24 hours and usually much sooner, you'll receive an email with a copy of the ecard and redemption code that was emailed to your friend.

We'll notify you when your gift card has been redeemed and even include a photo of the Mourninglight™ they created for you to view. You can view the format of our gift card email in a pop up window by clicking this Sample link.

Our gift ecard is $24.95 plus $8.25 each for shipping and handling by Priority Mail. Choose the 3 line inscription option for an additional $3.

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We recommend including your recipient's street address below or on the ship to portion of the checkout page to allow us to send a hard copy of your gift card through the mail. Hard copies are not sent to addresses outside of the U.S.

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