Mourninglights™ for pets custom printed glass memorial candle

Shani was pure, never-ending love, living each day to the fullest. This little one not only ran, but she skipped, capable of playing with air. You couldn't help but smile when just looking at her - and so there are so many tears with her passing. She gave so very much up to the very end, taking better care of me than I ever could of her. (Shani is now the personal guardian angel to her 17 year old littermate, Rivke, with them both having such love and care for each other.)

During the last 18 months of her precious life, she got the name Warrior Princess, having battled back to bless us with time, filled with life as only Shani could, after being jaundiced in May 2007, receiving treatment for liver disease, heart disease, and ultimately kidney disease, with my little one crossing the Rainbow Bridge in my arms at The Animal Medical Center in NYC, at 16years/4months.

With the year anniversary approaching (11/12) this wonderful mourninglight, which has a special place in our home, will be lit as a Yahrzeit (memorial) candle - her light shines on!

She was my sunshine, She was my heartbeat, She was my love! Forever in our hearts, dear little one!

Marlene & Ira & Rivke B.
Brooklyn, NY