Mourninglights™ for pets custom printed glass memorial candle

We never intended on having three dogs. Two greyhounds in our family was the perfect amount, so we thought. Then a dog named BB's Entrance came up for adoption. He was the litter mate of our dog Jake. We took one look at this beautiful boy, and we were smitten. We named him Rupert because he looked like a Rupert. He was clumsy, fearful of everything including having his picture taken, and he loved to bark at the planes that went over our yard.

He would try our patience at times, but in the next moment, he would shower you with kisses. Our home is oddly quiet without him. We loved our boy and miss him. We will be forever grateful to the Greyhound Alliance for bringing Rupert home to us. Thank you to our dear friends for sending us this wonderful memorial candle.

Deb and Jim C.
Brookfield, Il.