Mourninglights™ for pets custom printed glass memorial candle

Reaper was an awesome cat that left us way too early. Ever since we got him as a kitten, he was always so loving. Probably the most loving cat you could imagine. Of course, he was also a male kitten, so he liked to get into mischief. Not too much tho.

He really enjoyed exploring the outdoors where he was a great hunter. One day we came home to him jumping out of a tree and catching a bird mid air. He was really good with our dogs as well too. When we got our first husky puppy, they were the best of friends and played all the time.

Unfortunately illness took him at a very young age of 2, but he will forever have a place in our hearts.

This candle is just a symbol of the light that he lit in our hearts that still burns forever for our beloved Reaper.

Roberta K.
Battle Ground, In.