King Albert the Grey

Mourninglights™ for pets custom printed glass memorial candle

King Albert was discarded onto the streets and became king of the streets. He was once unwelcome, but we welcomed him. He ruled the streets with a grey iron paw, but wanted a loving home with us. He ruled his world with confidence, bravery, determination, focus, and strength. He was respected by all who encountered him. He was both feared and admired, yet he could care less of what others thought of him. He was loved by those who knew him, yet he loved only a few. He was choosy with affection, in charge of his kingdom, and capable of attaining anything he wanted. He truly was a great king.

This beloved King left our home for a new kingdom on the night of March 31, 2017.

There are souls who come into this world to be the catalyst for change, healing, and growth. And even fewer who can be fully understood for what they offer, what they embody, and who they truly Are. King Albert the Grey was all of this and more to me. He was my friend, my muse, my feline companion, my teacher, and my guide.

And he still is.

A very dear friend was guided to give me the gift of a Mourninglight™ after Albert transitioned into spirit. I am so grateful for this gift. King Albert's Mourninglight™ rests in the middle of our home. It is front and center for all to see; much how Albert was when he was alive! Every evening I light his candle and we are reminded that his Light is eternal.

The Martin Family
Carlsbad, Ca.