Mourninglights™ for pets custom printed glass memorial candle

If ever a cat had 9 lives, it was Evie. In 2010, she was at a high-kill shelter in Southern CA. She was 4 years old, pregnant and she was not blind.

After her kittens were born and weaned, she was spayed and put up for adoption and at that time it was discovered she was blind. After 5 months, she had not been adopted and was at risk for euthanasia. I saw her photo on the Blind Cat Rescue Facebook page and with the help of a devoted volunteer, we adopted her and saved her life.

Four years later, Eve was diagnosed with diabetes. She spent 3 days in the hospital and almost died, but came home and went into remission in 1 week. Over the next few years, she was diagnosed with several other illnesses including pancreatitis, asthma, IBD and a heart murmur. But despite her illnesses, she continued to survive and thrive. She ran through the house fearlessly, chased the other cats, climbed up and down cat towers, played with the fishing pole, and slept the peaceful sleep that only a cat can. She used the litter box, ate her food, and found all of the best sun puddles. Without a doubt, her most endearing act was to carry around her "prey blanket" meowing like a mighty huntress, then dropping it at my feet. Her fur was as soft as silk, she had magnificent whiskers, beautiful blue eyes, and a purr that would melt your heart.

She was a cat first, blind second, and she loved life.

In June 2018, Eve went into kidney failure. She was hospitalized and initially improved, but then she began to backslide. We had to face the fact that Eve's quality of life was diminishing and we had done all we could medically. Her little body could not overcome her multitude of illnesses and she was letting us know it was time for her to journey. So with the guidance of her internist, we made the hardest decision any pet parent ever faces and made arrangements for Evie to earn her angel wings.

After a last day of love, in my lap, with her daddy by my side, and with the kind and compassionate assistance of her vet, Evie journeyed peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge in our sunroom, a place where she had spent many happy hours eating, lying in the sun, and smelling the fresh air from the backyard.

I've never known a being with a stronger spirit than our Evie. She inspired me every day and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Gentle journey to the land of love and light Evie McPeavey. Give Misty, Sugar, Chai and Keno a loving nose tap from me when you see them at the end of the Bridge. I love you and miss you forever and I will always BeliEVE.

Jeanette C.
San Francisco, Ca.