Full Color Mourninglight™
Mourninglights™ for pets custom printed glass memorial candle

I adopted Bart as a rescue at 6 weeks. He was such a smart boy who went everywhere I went. He loved to do tricks and be involved in everything in the world. He performed on stage in LA and also in some Petco safety commercials near where we lived. He loved to do agility. He was always welcomed everywhere we went as he was such a polite, well behaved furson. He was healthy all his life until 2013 he was diagnosed stage 4 lymphoma. We were told without chemo he had two weeks to live. We started it right away and he remained in remission until he passed at age 16.5. He was the poster boy on our lymphoma group page for past two and half years and still is. I miss him so much as he was not a dog , but my son.

God Bless you sweet Angel Bart. Mom and Dad miss you boy.

Robi A.
Johnson City, Tx.