Abby Rose

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My Abby Rose was a Christmas gift from my husband 14 years ago. Our son was a senior in college at the time so to avoid "empty nest syndrome", I started looking at Cavalier puppies. She was my very first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and everything I ever wanted in a dog.

We have our own business so I was able to take her to work every day. She was very well behaved and would head up to the front of the shop when she heard the bell ring. As she got older, she lost her hearing but somehow knew when regulars came in and would go up to greet them.

The photo is an example of one of her unique qualities. She loved dress up and cooperated with just about anything I put on her, even these old specs. It's one of my favorite photos of my Abby Rose.

Rish B.
Evans, Co.