Mourninglights™ memorial candles
Mourninglight custom printed glass memorial candle

Full Color Mourninglights™

Full Color Mourninglights™ like original Mourninglights™ are 3 1/2" tall candle holders of white milk glass and are printed with a ceramic ink that will not fade even in sunlight.

Because we use a different process, Full Color Mourninglights™ are $30.95 and ship 7 to 10 days after an order is placed. Order 2 or more and save $4 on each.

The Full Color Mourninglights™ order form is below. Please order our original Mourninglight™ if delivery time is critical at this link: Original Mourninglights™

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Choose Your Light Type

Please choose either the free wax 15 hour votive or the 36 hour battery light for an additional $3. The battery lights have an on /off switch and the batteries are replaceable.

Wax Candle Wax lit Mourninglight™ memorial candle Amber LED Amber LED battery light Mourninglight™ memorial candle Pink LED Pink LED battery light Mourninglight™ memorial candle White LED White LED battery light Mourninglight™ memorial candle

Or choose our gently flickering 36 hour amber battery light for $4 below:

Flickering Amber LED 

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