Mourninglight custom printed glass memorial candle

Our White Tiger Frank was found at the nursing home my wife worked at. He was living under a shed. He was tiny and sick, only a few weeks old. We managed to trap him and get him to the vet. He was our special baby. From that day on he was my baby.

He had a mystery illness at one point. We came to find out it was from him getting in a hole in the wall in our old laundry room, the insulation gave him sores. We got him better. We moved to a new house and he came and went as he pleased. Always coming home and meowing at me to give him wet food. He was the only one who got wet food out of 7 cats. I'd take him to my bathroom shut the door and he would gobble it up. His fave spot was on the arm of my chair.

Frank came home and looked like he was drooling. I didnt think much of it until the 2nd day he didn't want to eat. We wound up taking him to the vet. They gave him antibiotics, steroids, and topical flea meds and something else. Next day he seemed to be perking up then took a turn for worse.

I had to let my baby go. He wasn't even 2 years old.

I miss my baby. I blame the vet for not keeping him overnight and not doing the tests they said they did.

We have 2 other candles for 2 other babies we lost. But this one is special to me.

Shannon R.
Pensacola, Fl.