Mourninglights™ for pets custom printed glass memorial candle

We were lucky enough to have Cooper be brought into our lives in October of 2005 as a 10 month old puppy being a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. Once Cooper knew he had found his forever home, he approached life like a child trapped inside a dog's body and acted as if every day was the first day of his life. He would whine with excitement when meeting people at the door. He had an amazingly pure and kind soul and was always full of happiness. His all-time favorite thing to do was to be outside watching the birds and life happening all around him. We lost Cooper on March 16th 2017 but we find peace knowing he is living as much in heaven as he did on earth.

Rest in peace Scoops, go run and play, we will miss you every day until we meet again.

Love, your forever family

The Hooczko Family
Huntley, Il.