Mourninglight custom printed glass memorial candle

My sister and I were six years old when we got Bisket. We had always wanted a dog, but were not planning on getting one anytime soon until my mother saw him at the vet where she worked and immediately knew that he had to belong to us.

My sister and I pooled all of our crumpled dollar bills and quarters to "buy" him. He was a little shelter rescue puppy when he came to us, and we grew up together. He was my sweetest playmate for 14 years. He saw me go off to college and always jumped on me, wagging and barking, when I came back to visit home.

He passed recently from old age after a long and full life. He was pure love in a fat little furry form. I don't think I can ever love another dog like I loved our little B.

The candle we received from Mourninglights™ is beautiful, and is a touching tribute to our sweet boy.

Jillian D.
Richmond, Ca.